Team Development – The Five Behaviors

Influencing people is often the hardest challenge coworkers need to deal with. Yet, when done well, it’s also how they contribute the most value to a business.

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s internationally best-selling leadership fable The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this assessment-based program focuses on putting The Five Behaviors model into practice.

Participants will better understand how individual personalities contribute to team development, effectiveness, and productivity.


  • Building a Cohesive and Effective Team – team members will learn how to bring their best to the team and how to bring out the best of their team members.
  • Becoming a Better Team Member – This is a personal development program, participants discover how they can bring their best from one team to the next.

Become an Accredited Facilitator for The Five Behaviors® Team Development. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to this team development solution, this course will increase your knowledge and strengthen your Five Behaviors facilitation skills.

With The Five Behaviors® Facilitator Accreditation, you will dive deep into the Five Behaviors model and facilitation best practices. This five-week course will help you build the confidence and expertise to navigate The Five Behaviors Team Development sessions, fine-tuning your skills to deliver an effective experience for any team.

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