Do You Hear That?

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Shhhh, do you hear that?  Listen.  What is it you hear?  Your body is communicating with you. What is your body telling you? Is it telling you it needs rest?  Does it need nourishment? How about activity? Or does your body need you to take time to connect with nature or people?

Your body is amazing, incredibly wise, and constantly communicating with you. It isn’t using vocabulary, it is using the language of feelings or sensations to communicate with you. Your body responds to everything going on in your life.  What you feel from moment to moment as you move through the day is not random and it is not without purpose. The sensations or feelings you experience are feedback to alert you to the fact that something is right . . . or that something is wrong.  Your body provides feedback about your health, your responses to foods, and other external influences. Every animal listens to the feedback their bodies are giving them. You are the expert in the nuances of your body and its needs.

Nurturing and supporting your body the best that you possibly can in any given moment will help ensure you are well and in balance.  Let your body guide and help you with what it needs.  Learn the language of your body and become an active participant in your journey towards wellness.  path4

Take a moment right now. Close your eyes, take a few slow deep breaths. Ask yourself, “What is my body telling me right now, what can I do to support it?” Trust your body, it will guide you to the activities it needs. Be mindful and honor what your body is requesting of you.

A body in healthy balance feels good to live in!